Venue and Location


The Meeting will be held in the Joint Centre for Life Sciences of Vilnius University, home to three academic branch units: the Institutes of Biochemistry and Biotechnology and the Faculty of Natural Sciences. This new centre opened at the beginning of 2015 and possesses modern laboratory equipment and top-level scientific research services. The conference centre offers a large amphitheatre, smaller lecture halls, general-use class rooms, meeting rooms as well as spacious hall areas.


The climate of Vilnius is humid continental. In May weather is changeable with rain and sunshine, the temperatures vary between 10º to 20 ºC.


Vilnius is well connected to the major European cities and can be easily reached by air, train, bus, ferry or car. It is never more than three hours away from any European destination by air. Vilnius International Airport, located in the southern part of Vilnius city (less than 15 minutes away from the city centre), is the largest airport in Lithuania. It is easy enough to reach the city centre from the airport.