Scientific Scope

The theme comprises advances in electrochemistry in the areas of synthesis and characterisation of new electrode materials, including organic polymers and functional nanomaterials, as well as manipulation and characterisation of nano-objects such as nanoparticles and biological molecules. These materials are intended for investigation of biological objects such as cells or their by-products, including biomimetic materials – lipid membranes, active proteins and different metabolites. Studies combining electrochemistry with microscopy or spectroscopy are also within the scope of this topical meeting.

i) Bioelectrochemistry (electrochemical methods: CV, amperometry, potentiometry, EIS – for the investigation of biologically active materials, proteins and small molecules).
ii) New functional materials for the electrochemical investigation of biological objects (synthesis and characterisation, including combined methods with electrochemistry).
iii) Formation of micro/nano-structures and micro/nano-electrodes for the investigation of biological objects.
iv) Electrochemical investigation of lipid membranes.
v) Biochemistry of living or fixed cells.